Type of Undergrad: Flagship State University in United States (Top 80~90)
Double Degree in Mathematics (Statistics Emphasis) BS & Economics BS
GPA: Cumulative: 3.4/4.0, Major: 3.7(Math), 3.7(Econ)
Type of Graduate: Top University in South Korea
Master Degree in Business Administration
Grad GPA: 3.76/4.0
GRE: V/Q/A: 154/167/3.0

Math Courses: Honors Calculus1,2(B+,A) Discrete(A) Linear Algebra(A) Differential Equation(A) Analysis 1,2(A-,B+) Applied Stat 1,2 w/ R Programming (B+,A-) Probability (A) Mathematical Statistics 1,2 (A-,B) Stochastic Processes(B+) Game Theory(A-) Actuarial Math(A-)

Econ Courses: Intro Micro, Macro(A,A) Intermediate Micro Macro(A-,A), Econometrics(A-), International Econ(A), Prob.& Stat. for Econ (A) Game Theory (A-), Master level Macroeconomics (A-)

Graduate Courses: PhD level Econometrics (A), Master level Behavior Econ Research(A-) Master Level Asset Pricing Research (A-) and a lot of Accounting Research Seminars (e.g. Financial Acct., Managerial Acct., Tax Acct.)

Research experience: Doing RA/TA for more than 1 year with professor in Business Dept. Writing Master Thesis related to Managerial Economics.

Teaching experience: None

Letter of Recommendation: My Master Thesis advisor (should be good), and professors from graduate level classes (mostly based on my test score or overall grade).

I am planning to apply for 2018 PhD program in US. I majored in both math and econ in undergrad. And reason I majored in Business is that I was interested in doing research in firmís behavior. However, after reading some papers (e.g. Finance, Accounting) and conducting some research in Business, I realized that my interest is in economics, which deals with more broad area and have more solid theoretical background. I have a research interest in applied micro economics, labor econ, industrial organization. My concern is that I have low cumulative undergrad GPA, poor GRE Verbal/AWA, and doesnít have very strong recommendation. And also have some B+ in Mathematics Courses. I donít have good idea which school range my above profile fits. Personally I am aiming to apply for top 20~40 schools. I made school list below that I think a bit appropriate. (I know some schools are too high for me but just a rough guess)

Minnesota Wisconsin UCLA Duke Cornell
Brown PSU OSU BU Maryland
UIUC UNC UC Davis Vanderbilt Pitt
UA ASU Iowa UW Georgetown

I will be really appreciated if you give my some comments on my profile and which school I should be aiming for or got a shot at.