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Thread: Thoughts on PhD Econ, A interdciplinary PhD Env/Econ or Public Policy

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    Help on PhD Econ or interdisciplinary PhD (Env/Econ) or PP - and Profile Evaluation!

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    Hey guys!

    Im michael, and i'd like your input on what is maybe the best route for me given my very particular interests and lack of experience with the American Academic sector.

    So, i Hold a Bsc in Economics with a minor in natural resources from a very good Latin american University, with a grade average of 7.8/10. I basically worked full time and studied at the same time.. all in all 2 years in government and 3 in private sector.
    Quit, it alll to become research assistant on environmental economics research for 6 months. Worked some more, and later got a full scholarship from the Ecuadorian Government to do an MSc in environmental economics and climate change at the London School of Economics. Loved it. graduated with a merit... did well on my exams but didnt do as amazing on my thesis, given that we had a MASSIVE earthquake in ecuador and my data failed to come thru, but hey i still did well. Took modules on valuation, and ecosystem services in the global south, besides quantitative methods, environmental economics and natural resource economics and climate change economics.
    Came back to Ecuador late 2016! designed a short course for my undergrad uni which i taught on climate change economics and local issues - so a 2 months teaching experience.
    By jan 2017 i joined the Charles Darwin research station for the Galapagos Islands as an Environmental Economist, doing research into 2 projects, one of them very linked to my masters dissertation. Im still working with them.
    Sept 2017 i shared preliminary results at the IMPAC4 conference through an oral presentation (international marine protected areas conference) - its an environmental economics paper that i hope to have published by the end of the year
    Oct 2017 awarded Youth Leadership of the Americas Initiative professional fellowship by the U.S State department (YLAI) for a sustainability project i co-wrote. Currently placed at University of Illinois at Chicago at the great cities institute for a month, and ill give some guest lectures. Probably will also give a guest lecture at the New School in NY next month before heading back to Galapagos, Ecuador.

    I am interested in doing a Phd in the States, and my initial thought and focus has been Duke, their UPEP programme... altho im not sure if i should maybe look into Econ PhDs that have an envrionmental option.. i know UCSB and UCDavis are good, San Diego too.. and obviously Berkeley but thats agricultural/natural resource economics. What about Yale?
    What about Stanford and their E-IPER programme? or Columbia and their Sustainable development programme? those are interdisciplinary like UPEP at Duke.
    And then.. im also thinking of public policy programmes in either the Keneddy school or at Harris..

    I haven't done the GRE but i will prepare for it. My TOEFL score is 114 out of 120 and that was before LSE, im planning on retaking because it will expire by the time i apply.

    Where should I aim at given your expertise? Straight econ with environmental econ as my path ? Agricultural/resource econ? or interdiciplicary like Duke, Columbia and Stanford? or Public policy oriented at very rigorous schools? Also, realistically what are my chances? I have a very specialized CV but i am unaware if it'll be well received in the U.S universities.

    All the Best,

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