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Thread: Good (but not top) graduate education - how to be competitive for jobs?

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    Re: Good (but not top) graduate education - how to be competitive for jobs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by startz View Post
    Fair point. But I would categorize "elite" for this purpose as top 50 or more.
    The definition of elite can be as broad as you like. In any case, all three are important ingredients just in relatively different amounts for folks likely to end up at schools up and down the rankings.

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    Re: Good (but not top) graduate education - how to be competitive for jobs?

    It turns out I was lucky enough to get accepted into my top choice program - I'm very excited and still haven't finished processing the news.

    Given that my future plans are more concrete, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about things to keep in mind at the start of the PhD in particular, as well as what to do to prepare over the coming months.

    For some context, it is a 3-4 year PhD with a very small amount of coursework in the first year. It is not located in North America, so I think I need to be more conscious of how to network as not as many conference opportunities will be available (flights are expensive). It is a very quantitative program. Rankings wise, it is the strongest in the region (I would ideally like to stay in the region after I graduate) and sources I've glanced at list it as in the top 10 in my specialty globally. I still need to confirm co-supervisors and will need to specify my exact project a couple of months after I enroll. I intend to pursue an idea of my own, and my tentative supervisors are encouraging me to do so (though half of PhD students here adopt their supervisor's project). The only problem is that though I have some ideas, I'm still developing a taste for what's important in the field and for publications, and I'm trying to find the best way to get a sense of that.

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