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Thread: Contacting faculty pre admission

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    Contacting faculty pre admission

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    Hello everyone! I am an upcoming senior trying to apply Econ PhD programs this fall.
    I have some doubt regarding contacting professors prior to application:

    1) I know from old threads that it's frowned upon especially in the US, not so much in UK/Europe;
    2) Would only write to professors whose research interests are really linked to mine (eg: professor whose work I replicated in assignment paper/ whose work I know really well)
    3) Have noticed that certain US universities really stress the importance of the "fit" and indirectly encourage contact: UMinnesota states "Current students and alumni can be great sources of information, and staff or faculty are sometimes available to answer your questions."

    So: should I do it? Is it too risky?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Contacting faculty pre admission


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    Re: Contacting faculty pre admission

    Read through point 3 again.

    UMinnesota says to contact current/past student to ask your questions, not the professors. They even caveat the whole contacting faculty portion.

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