Hello everyone. Last year I was finishing my degree in Economics (in a normal university of Spain, not Madrid or Barcelona) and I applied to Barcelona GSE, in Economics Program (1st choice), and I was admitted, I declined because I wasn't sure at all and I wanted think it better.

Now after thinking in my interests (public economics, topics like taxes, inequality, welfare state and that kind of things) I believe that Economics of Public Policy Program it would be better for me, I think is easier than Economics and I've seen the placements https://www.barcelonagse.eu/sites/de...lic-policy.pdf and they seem good, in institutions where I would like to work, I think. Moreover some people does a PHD after, even it's not the economics program, so if doing it I realise that I want to do a PHD I still could.

So, do you think it is worth? Are there other similar masters in Europe? Better ones? Money is not a problem, but of course I don't want to spend 16.000 if I don't see a profit in the long term or if there are better options and cheaper..

Thank you all.