Hello, everyone, Id like your opinions on which schools I should apply for.

Type of Undergrad:
Top 70 State University, Top 15 Econ Department, Dual degrees in Math and Econ
Undergrad GPA:
3.31 Master in Economics
Type of Grad:
Top 40 State University, Top 15 Econ Department
Grad GPA:
153V, 167Q, 3.0AWMath Courses: Calculus I-III (B, B, A); Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (B+); Intro to Analysis/Proofs (A-); Applied Linear Algebra (B+); Master level Financial Mathematics (C+), Stochastic Process (A),
Master level Honors Analysis I(B-, A(retake)), Master level Honors Analysis(B-, B(retake, I know it is a very bad signal..)); Master level Theory of Statistics (A, A-);
Econ Courses (grad-level):
Master level microeconomic theory (B, C), Master level microeconomic theory(A, at my master's program), Master level macroeconomic theory(AB), master level Econometrics I-III (A, AB, currently taking), Math for Economists(A), PhD level microeconomic theory(currently taking, highly likely to get an A), PhD level macroeconomic theory(currently taking, highly likely to get an A)
Econ Courses (undergrad-level):
Principles of Micro, Principles of Macro, Int. Micro, Int. Macro, Financial Economics, Economic Development, Money and Banking, International Economics,
Advanced Quantitative Analysis of the Macroeconomy, Econometrics.
Other Courses:
Some CS major courses
Letters of Recommendation:
1) Research advisor, tenured AP at the department, Top 5 Econ Ph.D. Solid Letter.
2) Micro theory instructor, AP at the department, Top 5 Econ Ph.D. Solid letter based on course grade.
3) Titled professor at the department, Top 5 Econ Ph.D. Not the best student in his class, but he said my writing sample is impressive. Will be a solid letter.
4) Distinguished Chair of the department, Top 5 Econ Ph.D. My applied econometrics paper advisor. Told me my paper is well-written but not the best among the whole class.
5) Distinguished Chair of the department, Top 5 Econ Ph.D. Supervising my co-authored writing sample with another student in my cohort. Not sure how strong the letter would be. He said it will be based on the final product I submitted to him.
Teaching Experience: None
Research Interests: Econometric theory, micro theory, macro(Yes I have broad interests in all these of areas) I have a co-authored writing sample on proposing a new estimator of discrete choice dynamic panel data model with fixed effect. It turned out to be not a big deal, but at least it was a very good research experience for me. SOP: Mainly focused on my development of writing sample.
1)Low undergrad GPA and low GPA on math courses.. 2) Don't have very strong letters...
Other: N\A
Applying to:
Yale, Caltech, UCLA, UMN, Cornell, BU, BC, PSU, MSU, UC Davis, USC, U of Washington, Iowa State, Rice, UCSC, NCSU, Notre Dame, Stonybrook.

Please give me comments on this list.. Do I need to apply more/lower ranked schools? Any help will be appreciated!