This is my third post here. You guys have been very helpful so far so thanks a lot.

I hold a physics degree from a British university and I want to apply for masters programs. I'm currently doing a one-year Graduate Diploma in Economics which has some intermediate-level economics courses.

My concern is that I will not have any grades for my diploma courses before August 2018. So if I apply now, my application will be judged purely on the basis of my physics and maths grades in my undergrad. On top of that, my references will all be from physics professors. I haven't even contacted them yet and they have no idea that I have planned on jumping ship to economics. They'll probably write very weak letters since they won't have anything concrete to say about my ability to do well in economics, except that I'm good with maths.

Do you think I should wait a year before applying for masters so that I have the grades for my diploma? If not, what are some good masters programs in Europe, US or Canada which aren't that competitive and are likely to accept me?