I'm currently a 2nd year student at a top 100 state flagship US university majoring in econ. I know that I want to get a masters in economics, but the question is how. I have some interest in pursuing a PhD eventually, but it's not an immediate goal and definitely not set in stone(I want to go into industry, not academia)
GPA: 3.95
Course specifics: Calc I/II and Statistics were taken as APs, and received scores of 5s on all. Calc III (B). I've received very high As in all economics classes taken so far.
GRE: not yet taken, but based off past standardized test scores/practice tests, I'm confident I can score ~165-170
Research experience with 2 different profs, 1 in econ and 1 in finance

Option 1:
- Graduate in 3 years, with courses intermediate micro/macro, econometrics, economic forecasting and analysis, mathematical economics, linear algebra, and calc 1-3. Parents planned on funding my undergrad for 4 years, so I don't have to worry about going into debt for a masters if I graduate early.

Option 2:
-Pursue a dual BA/MA in economics/masters in applied economics, albeit in a very mediocre economics department. I'm currently on a full tuition scholarship at this school, so this degree would essentially be free. Based on people I know in the program and what I know about it, I will have no problem being admitted to this program.

Do I realistically have a chance to get into a top econ masters program? The program would have to prestigious enough to be worth giving up a completely free program.

Schools I would be interested in would Michigan's MAE(I would get in-state tuition), Duke, Columbia, Yale IDE, Toronto, UBC, McGill, Queens, Oxbridge, LSE, UCL, Imperial, etc. I'm pretty much willing to go anywhere, but would strongly prefer to stay in the US/UK/Canada. Anywhere else I should look as a possibilty?