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Thread: Profile Evaluation: MA

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    Profile Evaluation: MA

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    Hi there,

    I posted a profile evaluation back in in the spring, but figured I would post again with updates now that the forum is more active lately.

    Applying (all MA): University of Toronto, Queens University, UBC, McGill University, LSE, UCL, PSE- Any others I should shoot for?


    Type of Undergrad: Mid-level Canadian research university.

    Undergrad GPA: 4.06/4.3

    *Note: the Canadian GPA system is essentially the same as the US, with an A grade receiving a 4.0, but an A+ grade (above 90) receives a 4.3.

    GRE: 162/167/6.0 Q/V/AWA

    Math Courses (Undergrad Level): Calc I-II (A+,A), Statistics I-II (A+,A), Linear Algebra (A-), Multivariate Calc for Economics(A).

    Econ Courses (Core): Advanced Macro A+, Advanced Micro A+, Intermediate Micro A+ Intermediate Macro A+

    Other Econ Courses: Took 6 or 7 mid to upper year econ field courses with A- to A+ in all.

    Econ Courses (Grad Level): Took a masters level Health economics course with a well-published prof and received an A+

    Other Courses Taken: 7 philosophy courses with A+ to A- grades. A few Poli Sci with A/A-.

    LOR: Strong letter from a well-known Canadian prof (top 5 PhD, top 5% RePec, written textbooks etc.), knows me fairly well. Very strong letter from unknown prof who knows me very well.

    Research Experience:
    Econometrics term paper, won award for best econometrics paper.
    Honours thesis (also won award for the best honours thesis).
    RA (part-time) for AP after undergrad.
    Working in a government research/policy position.

    Teaching Experience: Private tutor for 1 year.

    Research Interests: Development, Public Finance, Health, Labour

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    Re: Profile Evaluation: MA

    You'll be fine for the schools in Canada.

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