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Thread: math profile

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    math profile

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    Calc I-III (A's), Intro to Proof (C), Intro to Matrix Algebra (C), Advanced Matrix Algebra (A), Discrete Math (A), Real Analysis I and II (A's), Algebraic Structures (A), Differential Equations (A), Stochastic Process for Applied Mathematics (A), Operations Research (A), Linear Algebra (A)

    How does this math profile sound like? The two C's there concern me, but I was able to overcome my weakness in math and perform better in more advanced courses. Also, any suggestion as to which more math's to take? (Or advice in general). Thanks.

    (I'm from top 20-25 private research university in the US, double majoring in econ and math)

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    Re: math profile

    I doubt the Cs will matter as much, seeing as to how you've gotten As in the advanced variants.

    Unless you're going down the theory route, you don't need Topology, Graph Theory, Combinatorics, etc. However, it is worth mentioning that more is better when it comes to math prep.

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