I'm planning on applying for some RA positions at top institutions, and I have some concerns, primarily GPA and grades. (my school is known to be hard with some grade deflation). I was wondering what my chances are for getting into such RA position. And just advice in general will be very helpful (which math/econ courses to take, etc)

Type of Undergrad: Top 20-25 Private Research University
Undergrad GPA:

Math Courses: Calculus I-III (A,A,A), Intro to Proof (C), Intro to Matrix Algebra (C), Advanced Matrix Algebra (A), Discrete Math (B), Differential Equations (A), Algebraic Structures (A), Operations Research (A), Stochastic Methods (A), Linear Algebra (A), Real Analysis I & II (A,A)
Econ Courses: Intermediate Micro, Macro (A, A), Microeconomics I (Grad level; A) Econometrics (B, B), Econometrics I (Grad level; A)

Letters of Recommendation:

Research Experience: RA for my macro professor for more than a year, an independent study under him, plan on working with a well-known professor/author for a standard economics textbook
Software Skills: Proficient - STATA, R, SAS, EXCEL, python
Concerns: GPA, grades

Thank you very much.