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Thread: Profile Eval: Canadian Econ Masters

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    Profile Eval: Canadian Econ Masters

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    Type of Undergrad: Honours BA Econ at a middle-lower tier Canadian school
    Undergrad GPA: 3.95

    Math (and math-based econ) Courses: 1st Year Calc (89), 1st year Stats (79), 2nd year Econometrics (91), 3rd year Econometrics (95), 2nd year Mathematical Economics methods (92), 3rd year Applications of Math in Economics (95)

    Econ core courses:
    3rd year Micro (82), 4th year Micro (91), 3rd year Macro (97), 4th year Macro (94)

    Nearly all econ and some random tourism/politics style electives. All Econ electives are mid to high 90s, rest are high 80s.

    Work Exp: 2 consecutive summers working at a large Canadian bank. Analyst position.

    Teaching Exp:
    Still finishing undergrad degree this year, am TAing for a 2nd year Econ course currently.

    Professors from UBC, Guelph, and U of T

    Schools Applied to:

    Queens Econ
    UoT MFE
    UBC MA
    Western MA-PHD
    Laurier MABE (co op)
    Waterloo MA (co op)
    Guelph MA


    Have already received admission to Laurier which seems quite early (Co op interview pending). All other schools haven't even passed their app deadline.

    What are my realistic odds at getting into the schools I've got listed? In addition, I think that a terminal degree is the best path for me, so I am torn as to where to go (assuming I get admission to most schools on the list). Any advice on that? I know the MFE is kind of a seperate entity from the others but it looked enticing as well, especially as a terminal degree.



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    Re: Profile Eval: Canadian Econ Masters

    Hey! Given your profile I think you have a very good chance of getting into all the mentioned schools with funding. If you are Canadian or Canadian PR then I would even say that getting into these schools is almost guaranteed. If you're an international student, then getting into Queen's, Western, and U of T is quite challenge, as these Ontario schools have restrictions on the amount of international students they can take.

    Good luck! And let us know where you end up.

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