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Thread: Barcelona GSE?

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    Barcelona GSE?

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    Well, it's about time to make a decision. I'm from Taiwan and we don't have many European PhD or Masters. 90 percent of the faculty are from the US in my department.

    I browsed the website of the BGSE.
    Their courses seem good. Advanced courses seem to be a good preparation for further PhD.
    The teaching faculty is also outstanding in Europe, especially for the connection with the US.
    The fee seems reasonable compared to the US. (Unfortunately I don't got any waive or scholarship and have some issues with the funding.)
    Their PhD placement seems competitive as well.

    Is there any consideration, particularly the negative one that I haven't considered?
    I also got admission from Tilburg and lately applied for LSE but I guess Barcelona GSE is the by far best for me.
    I would like to know the PhD foresight for the master degree in BGSE.

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    Re: Barcelona GSE?

    Hi Rosa,

    I can't provide you with first-hand info on BGSE, but I'm a faculty member at Tilburg U. If you want some more information on Tilburg (including pro's and con's), I'm happy to chat. In this case, send me a pm or email.


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