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Thread: PhD Prep:Should I get another MA degree in Econ after my MA in Stats?

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    PhD Prep:Should I get another MA degree in Econ after my MA in Stats?

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    I dont have any Advanced Econ courses in my pocket right now, and I probably won't have any before I go after PhD anyways. I know that there are a few Econ MA programs in the U.S. that offer some financial aid, which kinda helps me with my situation. If I apply for PhD for entry in Fall 2020 as an applicant with an Econ MA and Stats MA, does that signal well towards the adcom as I am adequately prepared?

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    Re: PhD Prep:Should I get another MA degree in Econ after my MA in Stats?

    You theoretically don't really need an Econ MA. Or at least, there's a better - and cheaper - path that will better help your profile. You should look for RA opportunities at good universities (top 10s) that also allow students to sit for classes (SIEPR comes to mind). That way, you can get RA experience, which your profile currently lacks, and also remedy your lack of advanced econ courses. The RA opportunity will also provide you with better letters since you only have 1 from an econ professor currently. I'm confident others will agree with me on this.

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