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Thread: Profile Evaluation - Rising Junior

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    Profile Evaluation - Rising Junior

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    I am a rising junior at a top 10 US school currently studying Econ and Math. I was wondering if you guys could give me a little direction/ to let me know where I should think about applying when the time comes. I'm mostly interested in public/applied micro.

    Major: Econ and math with an english minor
    Current GPA: 3.81
    Math Courses: Intro Stats (B+) AP Calc I, Calc II (A), Calc III (B+), Linear Algebra (A), will take Real Analysis, DiffEq, Probability, Mathematical Stats, Abstract algebra, basically a bunch of math
    Econ Courses: AP Econ, Intermediate Micro Pt. I (B+), Intermediate Micro Pt. II (B+), Econometrics (A), Philosophy of Econ (A+), Independent Study (A)
    Research Experience: Co-authored a working paper with an untenured professor at my university who went to Princeton, I know letters of rec are supposed to be from tenured professors but this guy really likes me and knows me well. Currently RAing for a Law Professor who also has a finance PhD from Yale on corporate governance stuff, may lead to a co-authorship. And will work with a tenure-track professor on local public finance. I'm also planning on writing a thesis.
    Target Schools: here's kinda where I need some direction. Where should I plan on applying? Do I have a shot at top 10-20 programs? I'm just worried because I've gotten my fair share of B's. Do I really need to shoot for A's for the rest of my math/econ courses to stand a chance? Should I go more in-depth with the untenured professor or try to find someone whose name carries a little more weight?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Profile Evaluation - Rising Junior

    I believe we go to the same school (though Iím a rising senior). PM me if you want to chat in more details about the different research opportunities you may not be aware of.

    Nonetheless, you probably need more grades like analysis, probability and math stats in order for us to evaluate your profile. Bís donít shut you out of the top 20 especially if you have the letters to back you up and if you can make it up in more advanced classes.

    I think having an untenured rec is fine, but you should aim for two other letters from economists (Iím not sure whether Law professors will be discounted), including at least one tenured prof.

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