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Thread: Profile Evaluation: Fall 2019 Canadian/UK PhD Admission (Thanks in advance!:)

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    Profile Evaluation: Fall 2019 Canadian/UK PhD Admission (Thanks in advance!:)

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    Dear all,
    I am studying Economics in Germany and interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Canada or UK. Considering my weak background, I have been somehow hesitating. I sincerely ask for your help and I would greatly appreciate any advice you may raise here!

    Undergrad: 3.05/4.0 --- Not well-known financial college
    Grad: Currently is around B-/C+, but it is continuously increasing after the first semester, so an overall grade of B/B+ later would be likely --- One of the top German universities in Economics
    Interest in: Managerial Econ/Organizational behavior/Business Analysis
    GRE: Q-165 / V-148 (It seems to be expired based on many programs requirement of within 2 years, so I will refresh it)

    Math Courses:
    Calculus I&II --- 15ECTS
    Linear Algebra --- 3ECTS
    Probability and Statistics --- 4.5ECTS
    Statistics --- 4.5ECTS

    Average Grade: 76%

    Econ Courses:
    Macroeconomics & Advanced Macroeconomics I --- 13ECTS
    Microeconomics & Advanced Microeconomics I --- 14.5ECTS
    Advanced Econometrics --- 10ECTS
    Applied Time Series --- 8ECTS
    Labor Market Search --- 6ECTS
    Development Econ --- 6ECTS
    Communication --- 6ECTS
    Management Research --- 6ECTS

    Average Grade: 73%

    Next Semester Econ Courses:
    Compensation --- 6ECTS
    Topics in Applied Econ --- 10ECTS
    Mathematical methods for Econ --- 10ECTS

    Other backgrounds:
    1. No research experience, only one short research paper (18 pages) for an optional course with full grade and one research thesis in behavioral econ topics(empirical).
    2. References: 1 to 2 out of 3 referees may be strong recommendations (at least my supervisor would).
    3. Programming skills: Matlab; Stata.

    Goal: An okay program with certain scholarship (e.g. tuition waived) or A good program with the self-financed condition and potential scholarship after the first year.

    Core Questions: Do you think is it possible for me to successfully apply for a PhD program in Canada or UK based on all the conditions mentioned above? IF so, could you please recommend certain universities/programs that you may think is proper for me?

    I have found I am interested in research very late and I firmly understand my background is weak and not that matching my interest, so till now I am very hesitating to have a try or not, since, if so, I need to re-take my GRE exam and probably also the IELTS and that would disrupt my schedule of taking an internship in the next semester. I HAVE TO DO A TRADE-OFF SO I REALLY NEED YOUR OBJECTIVE ADVICES! Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Profile Evaluation: Fall 2019 Canadian/UK PhD Admission (Thanks in advance!:)

    If the grades you describe as B/C-ish are in fact 2.3,2.7,3.0 on the German grading scale then I guess your chances are rather low to get into decent programs. Given your research interests, you might find a better match at a business school than at an econ department. My advice would be to work hard and try to excel in your master's, then apply to grad programs that fit your interests and not narrow yourself to UK/Canada.

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    Re: Profile Evaluation: Fall 2019 Canadian/UK PhD Admission (Thanks in advance!:)

    Thanks a lot. I have thought of applying for business programs. While, my thesis topic is very economic, I wonder whether it would make my application for the business programs seem to be unconvincing...But I may try it.
    I also pay some attention to certain European programs, but many of them require a very strong mathematical background and thus they are likely to be more difficult to apply than UK...?
    The reason I consider Canada is because its programs include certain master level and their regular economics master programs are usually just one year, so that my background may have chances not to be viewed as too weak... At the meantime, I know they are both popular countries for studies...Also, one of my friend recommended me to seek for some US programs which maybe not famous but also can offer some good opportunities... Well, it is really hard to find suitable programs especially as the selection becomes wider...

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