I will be graduating in a few weeks from a top LAC (Williams,Amherst, Swarthmore, Bowdoin) with a degree in math and a concentration in statistics. My goal is to pursue an Economics Ph.D in the future. Although I studied math, there are a few holes in my math education as a result of taking time to pursue interests in the humanities. Specifically,

- My linear algebra and diff eqs are both weak. I received As in both these courses, but I don't think I fully internalized the material. Rather, I am good at taking tests and was able to get through by memorizing equations, etc. I would like to retake these courses and understand material at a deeper level
- I've never studied modern algebra
- Received a B in real analysis.

Before applying for a Ph.D program I would therefore like to improve my math skills. I will be working in consulting following graduation so it is unlikely that I can take classes in my spare time. So I am wondering if there are any masters programs that would help me fill in these holes while preparing me for a top Ph.D program. Open to math, stats, or econ masters, but I've heard that math masters are better prep.Which programs specifically should I look into? I would also like to have more time to study for Math GRE. If it helps, my GPA is approximately a 3.8 and I have some limited research experience. Alternatively, should I apply straight for Ph.D programs?

More about my profile:
Econ courses: intro, micro, macro, accounting, metrics, some electives. All As.
Math courses: Calculus sequence, Linear Algebra, Diff eqs, Operations research, Analysis, Probability, Math stats I-II. All As execept analysis and probability (B in analysis, B+ in probability)
CS: Intro to OOP, Data Structures. All As.

Research experience: 1 semester with the stats department.

Rec letters: 2 maths and one Econ professor. They know me better than average but not as close as I'd like.