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Thread: Profile Evaluation for Phd in econ (Fall 2019)

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    Profile Evaluation for Phd in econ (Fall 2019)

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    Hi guys,
    Am I competitive?

    Type of Undergrad: Economics (unranked LA university)
    Undergrad GPA: 8,99/10
    Type of grad: M.A. in economics (same university)
    Grad GPA: 9,47/10
    GRE: not yet
    Math Courses (All): Calc I (5,2/10), Calc II (9,5/10), Linear Algebra (8,5/10), DiffEQ (9,5/10), Probability theory(5,8/10), Intro Statistics (9/10), Real Analysis (9,3/10), Intermediate Linear Algebra for econometrics (9,5/10)
    Econ Courses (undergrad level): Micro I, II (8,7 and 8,5), Macro I, II (10 and 10), Game Theory (9,7/10), Growth (10/10), Econometrics I (9,5/10), Econometrics II (9,4/10), Topics in econometrics (9/10), Sampling techniques (10/10).
    Econ Courses (grad level): Micro I (9,7/10), Game Theory (9,8/10), Macro I (8,8/10), Macro II (9,7/10), Econometrics I (not finished)

    Other Courses: Summer course in Introduction to analysis at math dept.

    Letters of Recommendation:

    1. PhD U.S. (Econ)- Advisor
    2. PhD U.S (Econ)-
    3. PhD U.S (Pure Math).
    4. PhD Europe (Econ)
    Research Experience: ​
    1,5 year of RA in two labs. (1 year - poverty lab) (currently - econometrics lab)

    Teaching Experience:

    1 semester TA for undergrad Linear Algebra (Currently)
    1,5 years TA for undergrad econometrics II
    1 year TA for undergrad micro I

    Research Interests: Applied Micro and Microeconometrics

    Schools: I wanna apply to UC3M, UIUC, Michigan State, U of Mannheim, UBC, Penn State. Suggestions?
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