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Thread: GRE Several Retakes

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    GRE Several Retakes

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    Hi guys,

    I am considering retaking the GRE (past scores: Q 164 V 148). Do you think that taking the GRE several times have any negative effect on the application for a top Ph.D.? Until now I took only once, but how about someone who took the GRE 3,4,5 times and only then got the desired outcome?

    Also, how do admission committees look about the Score Select option? I heard that it is possible to send only one's best scores.
    Is it really possible? or schools ask you to send them the result of all the tests?


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    Re: GRE Several Retakes

    I'm applying this coming cycle, and I'm curious about this too. I've heard that most schools don't really care that you only send in one GRE scores (and that's the only score they want to see as well). However, I've also heard that some schools like Stanford make you upload the pdf containing GRE scores for all tests you've taken in the past. Can someone elaborate on this?

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