I do not see too many posts by people returning to school, and leveraging experience from the workplace.
My profile is as follows:
1. Work Experience - Machine Learning engineer/researcher for Microsoft. Build many statistical models and develop algorithms. Will likely weave part of this into my SOP.
2. Undergrad - Liberal arts
Initially poor math courses (~2.5 GPA for calc series)
~3.7 for Econ courses including: Advanced Econometrics, Math Econ, Intro theory courses.
3. Taken the following math from a major/top ranked public university to prepare for applying:
Diff eq (3.6). Linear Algebra (3.6) Advanced Stats/Probability theory (4.0).
intro to math arguments/proof writing (3.7). Multivariable calc (4.0)
real analysis (pending - aiming 3.8)
4. 168Q on GRE
5. Letters of Rec - 2 undergrad professors, strong in their field with some connections (but not top 10 connections). 1 from employer to demonstrate extensive solo research experience in stats/ML based work.

My undergrad math was poor but hopefully showcasing all the work since then signals my capability.

Thoughts on top 20 or top 50?

appreciate your time and input.