My profile:
Country: India

Master's in Economics Degree from a Top 5 University. First ranker. (12 years ago)

Research experience - 2 years in total : 1 year with a economic policy think-tank with and 1 year with a IIM, Ahmedabad professor - but both are 10 years ago

More recent Work-experience: 8 years in data analytics industry

GRE: Yet to take, but took once 12 years ago with a 1420 (710 in Quant and Verbal both)

Recommendations: 1 from the IIM professor, 1 from my Master's thesis guide and 1 more from my Master's prog prof. All are fairly well known in India, but I'm unsure of how good a recco I'd get given the time that has lapsed since i worked with them.

I am looking to immigrate to Canada with my family, and the PR (permanent residency, equivalence of a domestic student basically) application is already in pipeline. I am hoping to hear back positively by Nov/Dec 2018 latest on this. Hence, I'm looking only at Canadian schools for my studies.

My questions are as follows:

1. What are my chances to get into UBC and U of Toronto?

2. Do you know if univs give a preference to international candidates or domestic (which is what a PR should help me get)? I'm keen on UBC, but not sure how strong my profile is and if I should first wait to get the PR in hand before i apply. If any of you have insights on this point, it would be quite helpful.

3. When is the latest I should take the GRE to meet the deadlines for applying for Fall 2019 admissions?

4. Does age play on negatively in a PhD application?

Thank you all for reading through and guiding!