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Thread: Profile evaluation - Economics PhD

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    Talking Profile evaluation - Economics PhD

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    Hi there,

    Indian Student
    Undergraduate: Business - Not well known outside home country
    Percentage - 75% - Not great but not so bad.
    Post Graduate Diploma - Economics - Top 5 Economics depts UK
    Percentage - Distinction
    Masters - Economics - Top 5 Economics depts UK
    Percentage - Distinction - Top of the class of 120 - got an award
    Math and Econ Covered - Linear Algebra, Calculus, Advanced Micro, Advanced Macro, Advanced Econometrics, PhD level metrics and PhD level macro.
    Masters in Interdisciplinary Mathematics - Same institution
    Percentage - Distinction (Expecting) - Might be in the top 5 in the class.

    Math topics covered - Partial Diff Eq(75), Real analysis(74), Complex Analysis(65), Topology(78), Probability theory(72), Stochastic analysis(68), Non Linear Analysis(77), Fourier Analysis(70) Group theory (66).
    Research Experience - Worked with a Macro professor at the UK uni at which i did my MSc as a summer intern in my area of interest. Can get a good reference from him - he did his PhD at one of the top 5 US unis. Also, worked for different professors for a couple of months here and there for 2 years.
    References - One from the head of the department who taught me undergrad level metrics - he knows me well, did his PhD from top 3 Australia - also my MSc dissertation advisor. Another from math professor where i did my MSc - knows me very well and have discussed a lot of stuff with him with regard to mathematical applications in economics.

    GRE - Q/V/AWA - 170/155/4.5
    Research Interests: Labour economics, Macroconometrics (Still not sure which one i will pursue)

    My goal is to apply to the top 25 Economics PhD programmes. I am worried that i don't have an undergraduate degree in Economics and have learned all of my basics through post graduate diplomas. Though i have a masters in Economics i am scared that adcoms might see my undergrad major and reject me. I am not sure if my lack of RA experience is going to count against me.

    Students from my program (Msc in economics) before me have gotten into Stanford, NYU, UofT, UBC, UCLA.

    Is there something i can do to improve my chances of getting into the top 25 US Econ programmes.

    Please guide me....

    Thanks a lot in advance.....

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    Re: Profile evaluation - Economics PhD

    Undergrad degree is nearly irrelevant when you are ranked at the top of a well-established master's program; this is a clearer source of information than undergrad degrees.

    You probably have more RA experience than most of your classmates. As someone applying from the UK, you won't be expected to have as much RA experience as a typical US applicant, simply because such opportunities are rarer in the UK and more difficult to fit into a regular curriculum.

    I think top 25 is a safe range; you'll likely get into top 15.

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