I am a final year undergraduate who would apply for Econ Ph.d. or Master the following semester.


Type of Undergrad: Econ, top University in Hong Kong; Exchange at the University of California (One Semester)
GRE: Quant 170, Verbal 158
Toefl: 109 (Speaking 21, others 29)
Undergrad GPA (overall): 3.80/4.3
Undergrad GPA (economics): 3.99/4.3
Undergrad GPA (exchange): 3.85/4
Advanced Math Courses:
Real Analysis (Measure Theory regarding the Real Number System): B
Analysis (Math PG 1st year, Exchange): A-
Probability Theory (Math PG 2nd year, Exchange): A
Other Math Courses:
University Mathematics (A+), Multivariable Calculus (B+), Linear Algebra I (B+), Linear Algebra II (A-), Introduction to Math Analysis (A+), Topology (A, Exchange), Modern Algebra (A-, Exchange), Differentiable Equation (B+)

Econ Courses:
Econometrics (A+), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A-), Urban Economics (A), Uncertainty and Information (A+), Game Theory (A+), Micro Theory (PG, forthcoming), Micro Seminar (PG, forthcoming)
Research Experience:
Not much. Directed Study in Theoretical Microeconomics, including Decision Theory and Behavioral Economics.

Research Interests:
Macroeconomics (Decision Theory, Behavioral Economics, Information Economics)
Reference Letters:
Probably one letter from my thesis advisor (recently graduated top-school Phd) and two letters from top professors from my home university.
LaTeX, Matlab, Stata

1. I am not sure if my background is competent for the application of Top 25 Ph.d. programs. Am I aiming too high? Should I instead consider master programmes (e.g. LSE, TSE, Duke or UW Madison) as the main target for application?
2. Is there any recommendation to polish my profile in the remaining several months?

Any advice will be very appreciated!