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Thread: Math Prep for 1st year Econ PhD courses

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    Math Prep for 1st year Econ PhD courses

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    Hi There, I am an incoming Finance PhD who has to take 1st year Econ PhD courses at my school (Northwestern). I've been revising some math to prepare myself for the 1st year courses which include:

    1. Calculus and Multivariable Calculus (Calc I, II, III)
    2. Linear Algebra
    3. Real Analysis
    4. Mathematical Statistics

    I already have exposure to graduate level micro and econometrics through a masters degree but is anything missing from the list of math topics I've listed above? I thought I'd post here instead of the Business forum because people here may have a better idea.

    Also if there is anyone who has gone through Northwestern Econ courses in the past, any comments on their level of difficulty?


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    Re: Math Prep for 1st year Econ PhD courses

    the only thing I can think of adding to the list is maybe differential equations and econometrics (not math per say, but quite mathematical)! This is just from general research on PhD programs though, not specific to NU

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