Hello guys,

Does any of you have any direct or indirect experience with USC (southern cal), BC (Boston College), UVa (Virginia)?
I was wondering if anyone could evaluate my chance for those three schools as they are my top 3 choices!

Undergrad GPA: 3.83/4.0
Major: Mathematics, Economics
Minor: Computer Science
GRE: Q: 168, V:155

Math: Single Calc (AP), Multivariable Calculus (A), Discrete Mathematics (A), Linear Algebra (credit, taken during summer), Probability and Statistics 1 (A), Real Analysis (A)

Econ Courses: Intro Micro (A-), Intro Macro (A), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (W, but will take it again this fall with my advisor), Econometrics (A), Independent Study (A)

Computer Science Courses: Intro to Comp Sci 1,2 (A) (A-), Data Structures and Problem Solving (A-), Computer Organization and Architecutre (A-), Theoretical Foundation of Computer Science (A-)

This Fall:
Algorithms, Intermediate Macro, Law and Economics, Independent Research (in continuation of this summer's research)

Letters of Recommendation:
2 econ assistant professors
1 computer science professor

Research Experience:
Summer Research Grant this summer with two professors.
It will be continued this fall semester as an independent research.
Most likely will be a working paper or under-review by the application time.

Teaching Experience:
Tutor for 3 semesters.
TA for Econometrics this fall.

Thanks guys!