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Thread: Where to find RA jobs

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    Re: Where to find RA jobs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaysa View Post
    Hmm did you tell data camp that you are a student? I know some students that get data camp for free because of their student status.

    If you are using R for econometrics, I would read ISLR. The book is free, does an excellent job covering the linear regression and logistic regression, and most importantly, it contains code that shows the reader how to use R to run these regressions. It really makes things easy.

    If your econometrics course is going to use R for data cleaning, I would recommend learning Hadley’s tidyverse plus piping. It makes data cleaning much easier to do than base R.

    Matlab tends to be used mostly by economists that need to code their own empirics. I would not learn it unless you absolutely have to because you can usually do the same thing in R or Python, or even better, someone might have already coded it and deposited in github or cran
    My impression is that MatLab is used more for things like optimization/simulation. It is true that R and Python are generally capable of everything MatLab is, with the caveat that you just need to be more careful with R and Python because they are open source. All packages aren't created equal, and their performance isn't garunteed by a corporation like STATA or Matlab. Things aren't without tradeoffs, even if they are free. I'd still recommend R or Python over STATA or Matlab though. I know my school uses R, STATA, and Matlab.
    I'd also recommend not using base R for data cleaning - tidyverse is a good choice. So is data.table which is what I use (it is more intuitive for someone coming from STATA).
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    Re: Where to find RA jobs

    Quote Originally Posted by applicant12 View Post
    Yes. MATLAB definitely does some things much better, but there is so much overlap between these three languages that it makes me question whether your time might be better spent on another activity rather than mastering MATLAB.

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