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Thread: Take 1 extra semester and delay applying for 1 year?

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    Take 1 extra semester and delay applying for 1 year?

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    Top 20 US state school, B.A Math and Econ
    Fourth year
    UGPA: 3.45
    Working on a Mechanism Design paper
    Advised by a senior professor in the same field.

    I am mostly concerned with my LORs since I spent the beginning of my undergrad in just math. Is ~ 3 months enough time to make better connections with 2 more professors? Or should I take one extra semester and take 2 courses: 1) grad Functional Analysis and 2)grad Analysis, while getting to know more economics professors and apply for fall 2020?

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    Re: Take 1 extra semester and delay applying for 1 year?

    Doesn't seem like a competitive UGPA for a prospective theory student to any of the top 20 programs (i.e. the only programs worth attending for theorists). I'd say take another year and make sure you get 3.9+ GPA within that timespan. Don't take grad functional analysis unless you're sure you can get an A. LORs are relatively unimportant for pure theory students, because there's generally no RA work available for undergrads. Alternatively you can spend the next year to switch to empirical RA work and focus on econ elective courses, which would be a much easier path, but it depends on your interests.

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