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Thread: MAPSS VS LSE EME VS Oxford MPhil

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    MAPSS VS LSE EME VS Oxford MPhil

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    Hi all.

    Summarizing information on various forums and programme websites, I have basically narrowed down my targets to these 3 programmes. LSE EME and Oxford MPhil have long been regarded as having the best placement record to PhD programmes, but as I observe MAPSS's placement is also excellent. So I would like to ask for some more opinions: if I wish to enter top 10 programmes in Econ/Finance, which programme would be the best for me? My research interest is in Macro/Finance.

    I know they are all good in their placements. But if I only aim for top programmes, how top (in terms of ranking) in my cohort in each master's do I have to be in order to enter top 10 PhD? This piece of information is essential but unfortunately not easily gathered.

    For your reference, this is the placement information:
    MAPSS: PhD Placement | MAPSS | The University of Chicago
    Oxford: Limited information can be found on MPhil in Economics | University of Oxford
    LSE EME: Overall placement of LSE EME+Econ can found on Career and PhD destinations

    Of course, any input about the 3 programmes is also welcomed!!!

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: MAPSS VS LSE EME VS Oxford MPhil

    I can't be sure, but there seems to be a relatively simple way to do that. Pick the lower bound on your definition of "top programs", and see what fraction of each cohort goes to a top program. If a program consistently sends 5 people to top programs, then you probably need to be in the top 5 of that program to achieve similar results. If that number varies a lot year by year, then there probably is no single number that sums it up.

    It's not perfect but it's probably the best you can do with limited information asking a question like this. Barring the experience of someone who's actually attended one of these programs.

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