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Thread: UCSB financial support

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    UCSB financial support

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    I am pleased to be able to share the information that UC Santa Barbara has moved to a model of full financial support for PhD students in economics. This Fall's incoming class and last year's both received full support and we expect to provide full support this admission cycle. More information is available at UCSB Department of Economics, and the summary statement is

    The Department of Economics expects to offer a full financial package to all accepted PhD students covering a stipend, full tuition, and health insurance. The package is guaranteed for five years for students making satisfactory progress. Support is a combination of teaching assistantships and fellowship money.

    In addition, we have increased the size of our incoming class from approximately 13 to 18 and anticipate this larger size will continue in the current admission cycle.

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    Re: UCSB financial support

    Great information! Thank you for the link too, startz!

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