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Thread: Profile Evaluation and advice (2019)

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    Profile Evaluation and advice (2019)

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    This term I am a junior year Econ student in a well known European university.
    My current Cgpa: 3.85/4.00

    My all econ courses are A except intermediate micro (A-) and math grades are A (calculus, math for econ).
    Only some elective courses like political science is B and B+ .
    Plannig to take lineer algebra&diff eq. , advance calculus this term and real analysis next year.
    However I am not sure that I will be able to take A from all this math courses.
    The question is which is more important in this case: a higher Cgpa or taking those math but passing with a-/b+?
    I was one term TA and one term RA as sophomore.
    I am planning directly going for PhD in a top school with funding because I cannot afford for master in US.
    How do you see my chance?

    Looking forward for advices.

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    Re: Profile Evaluation and advice (2019)

    You need linear algebra. If by "top school" you mean top 20 (probably top 30), you need real analysis as well. So your choice is somewhat limited.

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