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Thread: about econometrics grades

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    about econometrics grades

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    I have two B's in undergraduate econometrics courses, but I have an A in PhD econometricsI

    If possible, I plan on taking PhD econometricsII and also measure theory (math).

    How will the two B's in undergraduate econometrics courses be viewed if I get As in these courses as well? I would like to be competitive as much as possible for Top15 Econ PhD programs. (I'm from Top20-25 Econ PhD institution.)

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    Re: about econometrics grades

    I think you know the answer. Any concern about the undergrad grades will be strongly mitigated by good performance in PhD level work.

    That said, my experience with PhD metrics vs. undergrad was that they seemed like completely different classes . Granted, I was not mathematically prepared for the PhD level course. Make sure you understand implementation when you start doing empirical work.

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