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Thread: mathematics or straight to ma economics

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    mathematics or straight to ma economics

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    I am a final year economics undergrad with basic mathematics background (calculus sequence, linear algebra, differential equations, intro real analysis, econometrics). I have the opportunity to take a year of mathematics, involving a choice of upper undergrad mathematics classes such as general topology, lebesgue measure, numerical analysis, linear algebra 2, mathematical statistics, linear models, complex analysis, PDEs, stochastic processes, among others.

    In your opinion, should I take this year of mathematics or would it be better to begin postgraduate economics immediately?

    Any advice appreciated.

    edit: to clarify, I am in Europe, hence Masters before PhD
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    Re: mathematics or straight to ma economics

    Unless you are expecting to be a theorist, which is unusual, you do not need more math. And assuming you are at an American undergraduate institution you don't need a master's unless there is something unusual about your record.

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