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Thread: Grad Schoo Admissions at Undergrad Institution

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    Grad Schoo Admissions at Undergrad Institution

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    Simple question: if I am currently an undergrad at University X, and I'm applying to the PhD program at University X, are my chances better or worse for getting into University X? Does this change depending on how highly ranked University X is, for both undergrad and grad?

    One obvious advantage or disadvantage could be that the adcom may consist of Profs who know me or know my letter writers.

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    Re: Grad Schoo Admissions at Undergrad Institution

    I think it varies, depending on the person/field/program, but my impression from years of talking to & evaluating applicants is that the chances of getting admitted to your alma mater's PhD program is notably higher than the rate of getting admitted to comparably ranked programs. I suspect there's a significant interaction effect with having prior RA experience in the university as an undergraduate; if you control for that, the bias may very well be zero or negative.

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