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Thread: Profile Evaluation 2019

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    Profile Evaluation 2019

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    Hi everyone, Iím considering applying for the 2019 round at top 15s and would appreciate a profile review. The thing that concerns me the most is my grade in linear algebra, and I donít know if the rest of my profile is strong enough to overcome my low grade in LA.

    UG: US Top 50
    GPA: 3.9

    Grad: Europe Top 10
    GPA: 4.0

    GRE: 168/166/5.0

    Econ Courses: Micro (A+), Macro (A-), Experimental (A+), Environmental (A+), Urban (A+), Health (A+), Developmental (A+), Econometrics (A+), Grad Econometrics (A+), etc. (all A or A+)

    Math Courses: Calc 1 (A), Calc 2 (A), Calc 3 (A), Linear Algebra (B), Real Analysis (A+), Time Series (A), Math Stats (A)

    TA/RA: Summer Independent Research with UG prof, 1 year TA at Grad Uni, 6 months RA at Grad Uni, 1 year RA (think NBER)

    Recommendations: From above RA/TA Professors

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    Re: Profile Evaluation 2019

    No one will care about one math grade, especially with better grades later.

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    Re: Profile Evaluation 2019

    Linear algebra grade is basically irrelevant. Top 15 econ is a reasonable range; you can probably add a few of the top B-school PhD programs, depending on your interests. If you can continue your grad RA work with the same professor to get a strong letter, that will probably do the most to help your chances on the margin.

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