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Thread: regarding reference letters

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    regarding reference letters

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    Hi fellow PhD applicants,

    I am applying to PhD Econ programs this year (all in Europe) if things go well, i will start next fall, and i am now contacting my professors (who i have not talk to for 2 years) to ask them to be my reference. I have been working at the IMF as an RA for 2 years but some schools insist that get only academic letters though IMF is really a research-oriented institution.... (while other schools are a bit more flexible as long as it can demonstrate my ability to do research and succeed in the program).

    So, if i am interested in Macro, is it ok to ask a professor who i took microeconometrics with to be my reference? or would it carry less weight? I already asked on Macro-professor, but the second professor that comes to my mind is this micro-professor because i did well in her class, and it's still "econometrics"...

    Happy to hear opinions

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    Re: regarding reference letters

    Don't worry about the fields, just get the strongest letter possible from the most senior, well-known people. Look for letter writers that are pushy.

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