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Thread: Profile Evaluation, Fall 2019

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    Profile Evaluation, Fall 2019

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    Type of Undergrad: South East Asian University (not even at the national level, but it was a state university and I was in a full English program). I was in the business program of the Economics department.

    Undergrad GPA: 3.77/4.00

    Type of Grad: MBA from top 50 US Business Schools with Fulbright's master scholarship.

    Grad GPA: 3.40/4.00
    GRE: GRE 153V,160Q,3AW. It was unfortunate that I took the test when I was sick. I plan to retake the test, but I'm afraid I don't have time to do so.

    Math Courses: Mathematics, Statistics, Operations Research. (I had minimal math courses due to business program)
    Econ Courses: Intro to Econ, Microeconomics, Developmental Economics, International Economics, Managerial Economics

    Letters of Recommendation: I graduated from business school in 2011 so academic LOR is a bit difficult for me however, I have been working as a researcher in various local research institutes and I could have recommendations from the lead researchers there.

    Research Experience: 5 years experience as a researcher in various local research institutes (the main one ties to the top university in the country), mainly researching topics related to forestry, ecology, and climate change. Most projects I did were about public policy, decisions, and the socio-economic implications. I only have one local journal publication and another international publication that I co-authored, as the other researches were in the form of reports (ISBNs are available for these). I have two manuscripts that I'm currently working on. My role as a researcher was mainly as a quantitative analyst and research designer.

    Teaching Experience: 8 years of undergraduate teaching experience in various subjects including micro and macroeconomics, operations research, operation management, statistics, research methodology, and quantitative analysis. My current teaching role also places me as the research coordinator for my department coordinating and overseeing researches from my colleagues.

    Research Interests: I have a great interest in individual decision making, decision research, behavioral research, and experimental economics.

    I know my profile isn't much to look at, but I am really passionate about research. I am trying to be realistic and looking at my chance at an economics PhD program in the United States. Is there any input as to which direction I should be taking?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Profile Evaluation, Fall 2019

    You'll need to do a Master's in Economics somewhere (Europe or Canada are ideal but consider Australia or Hong Kong given your location).

    Right now you don't have enough math, you have a poor GRE score, and you have weak LORs because it's been seven years since you were in school. Your grades in an MBA will be ignored because it has nothing to do with economics.

    After you do an MA, your work on ecology, forestry, and so on, would make you a good candidate for a agricultural and resource economics ("ARE") program.

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