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Thread: SOP question

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    Question SOP question

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    Hi. A short question.

    Is it a good idea to describe what was taught in courses(especially math) you took in your SOP?
    Here we say "introduction to analysis" instead of "real analysis"
    and "real analysis" instead of "measure theory"
    Also I have some seminar courses that do not say what were their topic.
    So, all in all, is it a good strategy to describe the courses?

    Thank you

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    Re: SOP question

    I asked a professor to clarify a course name for me, and mentioned it in passing in my SOP. As long as you weave the descriptions into a coherent narrative, it should be fine.

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    Re: SOP question

    Many applications allow you to attach additional notes or make comments if you want in a text box of some fashion. I think this is a better place for describing courses or clarifying. My general advice would be to only mention a course if it was particularly important in developing your research interest or if you did badly in it and you need to explain why. Otherwise I would put the extra course descriptions in the extra information section.

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    Re: SOP question

    I wouldn't bother to explain the undergrad name (intro to analysis is actually a more specific way to characterize the course) but I would mention in the SOP that your real analysis course is based on measure-theory, or that it is grad-level analysis (if that's true).

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