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Thread: Timing of sending free GRE scores

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    Timing of sending free GRE scores

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    Hi all,

    I took the GRE in June, and selected 4 schools after the exam as my free score recipients (obviously, this was before the applications for this cycle opened). If I'm beginning to submit my applications to schools now, will I need to request to send the scores again, or will the scores sent in the summer be OK?



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    Re: Timing of sending free GRE scores

    The short answer is that some schools keep GRE scores on file for long periods of time while others require them to be resent every cycle.

    When I applied, I had taken the GRE two years prior and like you sent four or so reports. Some of these 4 schools had a status page which said whether score reports were received (or when your application was linked to a report on file). If the school either:

    1. Did not have a status page.
    2. Did not show my report linked to my application.

    I emailed them and asked if I should resend. I think 3 or so of the schools said it was fine, and 1 asked me to resend because they cleared their file every year.

    I would suggest doing your application and then checking the status/GRE page. If there is no green check mark or equivalent next to your GRE score report after you enter the relevant test information, email the admissions staff.

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