Hey everyone! So, I知 planning on doing a Canadian Econ Masters at UofT, but I have an issue:

I recently got my midterm mark back on my Advanced Microeconomics test and didn稚 do so well. It looks like the highest I値l be able to get is an A- and that痴 being REALLY optimistic.

This is the last semester I can take the course in, and still have it show up in time on my transcript for admissions. These are some of my other marks, for reference:

Overall cGpa: 3.92/4.0 from UofT
Relevant Courses: linear algebra (A+), intermediate microeconomics (A), statistics (A+), econometrics (A+), advanced macroeconomics (A+), and some other miscellaneous Econ courses that are all A- or above.

Basically, I知 conflicted. Should I drop my Advanced Micro course now, or should I keep doing it and settle for a sub-par mark? I知 not sure which is more important: taking in and getting a not great mark, or just not having it on my transcript at all.

Thanks in advance for your help!