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Thread: Looking for some advice! [Applicant Profile]

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    Looking for some advice! [Applicant Profile]

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    Undergrad:Two undergrads (Stats and Econ) from the same Canadian University

    • Statistics (top 2 Canadian program): ~ 2.00 GPA last two years (yeah its bad)
    • Economics (top 10 Canadian program): ~ 3.70 GPA over two years (got two years worth of "transfer" credits from first degree - those did not count towards the new average)

    Core Micro Courses: 3.67
    Core Macro Courses: 3.95
    Core Econometrics: 3.9


    • Calc I, Calc II, Calc III, Linear Algebra, Number Theory, Generalized Linear Models, Estimation Theory, Sampling and Survey Design, Experimental Design
    • 4th year Micro, 4th year Macro, Econometric Theory, Time Series Econometrics, Microeconometrics (non parametric modelling), Canadian Monetary Policy, Economic Growth,

    GRE: 165Q / 155V / 5

    Research Interests: Econometric Theory (time series econometrics in particular), Macro-modelling

    Letters: 2 Econ Professors, 1 Work (Central Bank with a PhD)

    Teaching Experience: 8 months TA for third year econometrics course, winner of teaching award (university wide)

    Research Experience:
    Currently in a 1 year RA position at a Central Bank - doing macro modelling

    Schools I'm applying to:

    U of T - MA Econ
    Queens - MA Econ
    UBC - MA Econ

    Columbia - PhD (dream school)
    Michigan - PhD
    Duke - PhD
    UC San Diego - PhD

    I realize that my grades from my first degree are abysmal and will likely be detrimental to my applications in the US. Im fairly confident that I can get into masters programs however, and my ultimate goal would be to pursue a PhD in the US. Just wondering if any of you have advice for me... for example should I just forget about US apps all together and apply next year (after I do my Masters in Canada)?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any feedback

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    Re: Looking for some advice! [Applicant Profile]

    I don't think your current profile is competitive for top 20 in the US. I think doing well in a top MA program (+ take a real analysis class) will help you place much better.

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    Re: Looking for some advice! [Applicant Profile]

    You're definitely on the right track but any top 20 econ PhD will be able to find applicants with a similar profile over the last 3 years and better grades from their first 2 years of undergrad. Honestly, I think you're ready for PhD econ work, but you'll likely need a master's degree just to reassure adcoms and move ahead of other applicants. Send in a few PhD applications anyway just to gauge your own competitiveness; and you might get an offer from a non-top-20 program that you turn out to really like after a visit. Econometric theory + macro is a niche combination and there are some tier-2 programs like OSU that might be very suitable for your particular interests.
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