Type of Undergrad: BSc in International Economics at one of the best universities for economics in my home country

Undergrad GPA: 3.9/4.0 (converted), top 5% of graduating class

Type of Grad(s): double master's degree MRes (PhD track) in Economics and MSc in Quantitative Economics at three well-known universities in Europe (Barcelona and Paris)

Grad GPA: 3.8/4.0 (among top 5 students) and 4.0/4.0 (with distinction, top of the class)

GRE: V:161, Q:163, AWA: 4.5

Math Courses:
mathematics for economics (covers basic calculus, real analysis, linear algebra, differential equations), statistics I-III, graduate optimization (programming, multivariable calculus), graduate probability theory (proof-based); many other required topics in math covered in (graduate level) econ classes, but do not explicitly show up on transcript

Econ Courses (graduate level): micro I+II, macro I+II econometrics I+II, applied econometrics, advanced labor, urban and regional Econ, trade, advanced international macro; and many more in undergrad (including development, international, public econ etc.)

Letters of Recommendation: very good (expected), one from my current RAship supervisor (well-known, works with professors from top US schools), one from my master thesis supervisor, all writers know me quite well and are top 5% researchers in economics according to IDEAS ranking

Research Experience: current pre-doc full-time RA working on different projects in labor, IO and trade under supervision of well-known professor, master thesis with very good grade, published a co-authored article in an African central bank's journal, bachelor thesis with very good grade, one year part-time RA at an institute for applied economic research during undergrad

Teaching Experience: TA in Math for Econ students in undergrad

Research Interests: at the intersection of economic development, labor and IO, applied micro, with a focus on firm heterogeneity and firm behaviour in developing countries

Other: internships at the UN and OECD, experience in international development cooperation, consultant for monitoring and evaluation

I need your advice:
1) An obvious caveat in my application is my low GRE quant score. However, as it stands, I would like to know if I have any chances to get admitted to a top 20, top 30 or even top 50 school in the US? Put differently, to what extent can the rest of my application 'compensate'?
2) After my PhD, I am mainly interested in highly technical/research-related positions in international organizations, how do you think does a US PhD compare to one from a European program in terms of placement in Young Economist/Professional Programs at, say, the Worldbank?
3) Given my profile, goals and research interests, do you have any suggestions which programs to apply to?

Any feedback is highly appreciated!