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Thread: Profile Evaluation- Phd in Econ

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    Profile Evaluation- Phd in Econ

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    Hi guys, I know it is a bit too late for a profile evaluation at this stage. I have selected a few programs, but still not confident whether this is a reasonable school list for me.
    it would be really nice if any of you could share your opinions!


    Type of Undergraduate: top 10 in China (top 5 in Econ)
    Major: Agricultural Economics
    GPA: 3.85/4.0; rank: 1/38

    Exchange student at a US school for one semester (top 40 in Econ)
    Exchange GPA: 4.0

    Type of Graduate: N/A

    Math Courses:
    Taken in US:
    Introduction to Optimization (A) [upper level]
    Taken in China: Mathematical Analysis A II (A); Linear Algebra C (A); Probability and Statistics C (A); Calculus C II (A); Calculus C I (B+); Statistics (A-) [A,B,C in course title stands for type of math courses: A stands for high level; B is basically for engineer students; C for social science and business]

    Econ Courses:
    Taken in US: Applied Econometrics (A+); Game Theory(A+); Labor Economics(A+)
    Taken in China: Intermediate Micro(B+); Intermediate Macro(A); Primary Micro(A); Primary Macro (A); several field courses (A or A-) [my home university does not offer A+]

    GRE: 157(V)+170 (Q)+3.5(AW)
    107 (Speaking 22)

    Research Experience:
    (1) Three months full-time RA to a prof in a Canadian university (co-author); Not the top 2 in Canada, but my prof has a phd in top 10 in US; will publish the paper next year;
    (2) RA to a prof in China for seven months (co-author);
    will publish the paper next year;
    (3) RA to a prof for three months in US when I was an exchange students;
    (4) Team leader for an undergraduate research project;
    For (1) and (2), I did pretty good (Ithink). I did all the empirical work and provided some useful thoughts; for(3), it was only some basic dada cleaning and analysis work.
    Reference letter:
    From the three profs I mentionedabove. They all said will write a strong letter. (hopefully...)
    Research Interest: Applied Micro;Labor
    School List:
    BU, BC, OSU, UBC. UNC-CH, Virginia;
    Vanderbilt, Pittsburgh, TAMU;
    Rice, UCI, Notre Dame
    Duke, Uchicago MAPSS, UBC, Toronto
    I feel like my math courses areweak, especially compared to other Chinese.
    Do you think I aim too high?

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    Re: Profile Evaluation- Phd in Econ

    You can aim higher. Remove your #30-#50 programs and add a few #5-#15 programs. If you don't get into a top 30 program, just get a master's and then apply again. You'll definitely be admitted to one of your targeted master's programs.

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    Re: Profile Evaluation- Phd in Econ

    Thank you for the advice! I will add a few more programs. May I ask an additional question? Is it okay to submit four recommendation letters instead of three? Will that hurt my application? (suppose they are all strong)

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