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Thread: Profile Evaluation for Canadian and UK Master's Programs

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    Profile Evaluation for Canadian and UK Master's Programs

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    Hi all,

    I've posted on here a couple times, but as I've finished up my undergraduate studies for the most part, my profile now is about what it would be at the time of applying. I plan to apply in a couple of years to UK and Canadian Master's programs, namely Oxford, LSE, Cambridge, UBC, and Toronto.

    Undergrad: Top-75 Econ (According to US News)
    Degree: BS Math and Econ (double major)
    Overall GPA: 3.86 (Summa Cum Laude at my university)

    Econ Courses: Intro Micro and Macro (A, A), Intermediate Micro and Macro with Calculus (A-, A-), Econometrics (A), Mathematical Economics (A), International Trade (A), Game Theory (A), Financial Econ (A), Econ Development (A-), Econ Proseminar (A)

    Math Courses: Calc 1-3 (AP, A, A), Intro Stats with Calculus (A-), Linear Algebra (A), Intro to Proofs (B+), ODE (A-), Real Analysis I (A), PDE (B+), Numerical Analysis (A), Math Logic (A), Complex Analysis (A), Math Modeling (A)

    GRE: haven’t taken, but high 160s Q and mid-low 160s V on practice tests

    On top of this, a one year internship with the Economic research division of a quasi-government organization doing a lot of analyst type work. My main concern is a lack of solid Letters of Recommendation, so I felt the masters degree approach might be more appropriate than going straight to a PhD. What would my chances be for these programs and what are my chances for fundings?
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