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Thread: financial aid

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    financial aid

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    If I click do not need financial aid, do you think that the chance of admission will increase a lot?

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    not sure. I think it depends on the school. I know that if you state that you will funded externally (not from own funds but say from a fellowship etc) then your chances increase.
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    Read carefully the application FAQs. Some departments do say they might give you preference if you have your own funding. Either way, I am pretty sure that there are many cash strapped departments (most of the public universities as well as some of the stingier private schools) that will be glad to give your application a careful second look if you let them know somehow that you can afford to go there. Obviously, there is a risk that well funded schools might refuse first year funding if they know that you have your own funds. In additional, well-funded departments probably care more about bringing quality students than well-funded students. Unless it's an external scholarship (or say you don't care for spending over 30K of own your cash), I would not mention that. If you're qualified enough, you still will get at least an unfunded offer anyways.

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