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Thread: Request for information regarding the SAT

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    Request for information regarding the SAT

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    I currently live in Israel, i'm in the english speakers class and i want to learn in a university in USA.
    I have pretty high grades and i have many extracurricular activities.
    I have 3 years until i would take the SAT, and in those three years i would like to reach a very high English level.
    My goal is to reach a Perfect SAT score, and i would be grateful if you could give me information regarding how to improve my english in the next few years to reach this level.
    Also, i would be glad if you could recommend me some good SAT books.
    I allready have Barron's SAT and The Official SAT Study Guide.

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    How to study for the SAT (for non-native speakers of English)

    Welcome! There are many factors involved in prepping for the SAT, but if you're a non-native speaker of English, you should definitely focus on the verbal section.

    An overview of how to prepare for the SAT:
    1. Take a full-length official test under realistic testing condition as a diagnostic test.
    2. Write down your score. This score will be in your "starting score".
    3. You may review the test if you wish, but it is not vital to do so at this point.
    4. Begin your SAT preparation.
    5. Periodically take assessment tests to see how you're doing.
    The best SAT book to start off with is the Official SAT Study Guide (the official publication).

    If you have some specific questions, let me know.

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