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Thread: How do I improve my TOEFL score ?

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    i gave practice test of ETS and I got score range 177-237

    listening : 23
    structure 10-28
    reading 20

    so what practice I need to do to improve my score ?

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    Trying to make mom and pop proud
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    Hi Aparna,
    I gave my TOEFL on May 7th.Initially even I used to get scores in the range of 170's.I studied Barrons and Arco's.I went thru each and every practice test and the grammar given in the beginning of the guide.
    After that I started improving my scores.TestMagic forums also helped me.And yeah, there is a book on TOEFL essays incase you want to go thru, from Barrons.Hope that helps!!
    Good luck

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    Hello everyone,
    Am Jaaanu. I have given my TOEFL exam in Jan. I didnot get the score whcih I want to. Please, can anyone tell me what is the best way of preparing for this exam and how can get the best score.
    Thnak you.

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