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Thread: TOEFL Speaking score - your thoughts

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    Exclamation TOEFL Speaking score - your thoughts

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    My TOEFL scores -

    Reading - 30 on 30
    Writing - 29 on 30
    Listening - 29 on 30
    Speaking- 24 on 30

    I kind of screwed up the speaking section because during the test around 4 of us were speaking at the same time which was extremely distracting.
    Do you think other section scores will balance the speaking one ? I am planning to apply for MS Computer Science. Just wanted to know its effect of TA positions.

    Thank You.

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    excellent scores. I think you don't have any problem applying for MS computer Science. all you need to know is what is the required score of the school where you want to apply. if the school needs 26 in speaking then all you need to do is get a re score, you might be able to get 26 in speaking however, just do the re score if you know you need 26 (or higher).

    Again congratulations wish you well on your next step.

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    Thank you !

    The schools I checked just need 80+ or 100+.
    Few of them need 20+ in Speaking Section and one of them needs a minimum of 24 in Speaking(which I have).

    So I guess I am safe for the most part.
    Thank you for your reply.

    Have a good day !

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