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Thread: TOEFL iBT Speaking & Writing Practice

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    Smile TOEFL iBT Speaking & Writing Practice

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    Dear All,

    I am new to TOEFL and have just started preparing, using the official guide. The accompanying CD has 2 practice tests, but was wondering how the speaking and writing sections will be evaluated. In the absence of any evaluation of 2 out of 4 sections, what purpose, apart from some practice of course, will these tests serve. I will not be able to make a realistic assessment of where I stand.

    To overcome this limitation of practice tests, what do you recommend ? Does any of the test preparation material available has some automated evaluation system? Or is online tests, where there are human evaluators, the only option ?
    In light of the above, which are the recommended online sources for preparation, especially for the speaking and the writing sections ?

    Have a GreatDay !

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    Indeed, you cannot get a score of the speaking or writing, as they have to be evaluated by someone who understands and follows the ETS evaluation rubrics etc....

    One of the teacher's at our school is offering a free speaking assessment, though he is quite busy so it may take a week to get a response (hopefully faster, he just got a lot of response): TOEFL Ryan and click the RECORD HERE! link

    Our school offers assessment for a (low) fee, and now is a 2 for 1 special: Assessments

    ETS offers a complete test where your essays and speaking are score. But note: THESE ARE SCORED BY SOFTWARE, not a person, please read the details. So whether these match with real TOEFL evaluations, who knows: TOEFL Practice Online

    Notefull is another online TOEFL school and they do assessment for a fee also I believe: https://www.notefull.com/

    Teacher Corey offers great help in TOEFL, I dont know if he does one-by-one assessments: Welcome to www.toeflprofessor.com, your online ibt toefl teacher

    Hope that gets you started!


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