Hey all, we are having an online mini-seminar. It will cover all the basics of the TOEFL iBT, basically an explanation of the TOEFL, all the sections, what to expect, a few tips and tricks, etc....

The mini-seminar is Thursday, August 25th at 2:00PM, California Time (PST), which is -8 GMT.

It is a good introduction for people who don't know much about the TOEFL, the format of the questions, the basics of the test etc.... If you are already a TOEFL expert who has taken the test a bunch of times and prepped with books, this mini-seminar is not for you.... the mini-seminar is for those who are less familiar with TOEFL.

This mini-seminar is completely free. If you want to attend send me a PM with an email address and the name you want to use in the seminar. That is the only information you need to send, and the only information we will ask for! I will send the invitation link and login information to that email.

Thank you!!!