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Thread: What's the best way to learn toefl?

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    What's the best way to learn toefl?

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    Hi guys~ I did really bad in toefl last year.
    (OK,don't mention it.)
    I found that my vocabulary is not enough yet.
    Is that a good way to learn toefl that recite (maybe i mean remenber) words again and again?
    That's a way which is very very very very very popular in China.But some guys told me that is no use!It confuses me!!!
    I need your exp

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    Cool Tips on Taking TOEFL

    Hi Edward.
    Personally, I would never recommend someone to learn vocabulary through mere repetition. Our minds don't work well that way. Are you talking vocabulary or test preparation? If you are talking about developing skills for the TOEFL, then I would do a couple of initial things:
    1) Listen to lectures on Youtube. Youtube has a great educational channel from universities. As you listen, take notes of a couple of things: words you don't know, words that sound unfamiliar, general idea and flow of conversation. You won't have subtittles and the content is like that in the listening and speaking task 4 and 6. Look up any words that are unknown and unfamiliar in a dictionary, then practice speaking them in sentences.
    2) Develop strategy early. TOEFL is a standardized exam. With all standardized exams, the questions follow patterns. While one should develop general skills in English, it is also beneficial to practice it in the way that will be seen on the exam. It may even be helpful in building English skills for the exam.
    3) Keep timing in mind. TOEFL is a timed exam. As with timed exams, timing is important. Developing the right skills in the TOEFL should also be developing easier and simpler ways to solve the problems in the time allotted. While timing may not be perfect in the beginning, timing should be a goal.
    4) Go with a tutor. We can give you free advice for your first three classes. After that, its up to you. Anyway, at some point, you might want to consider seeing a tutor, someone who will help you with useful practice, tips, and advice on the TOEFL. This is especially true in the writing and speaking tasks. While there are some useful guides out there, the tutor should add to it his own knowledge and experience.

    There are some useful guides such as from Kaplan, Barrons, and Nova, which focuses on the exam. This is good to some degree, but limited to your own ability if you were to use them for self-study.
    I hope this helps. Thanks.
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